Horse riding is ‘moving meditation’ for Lisa Chikarovski – via AFR

Nothing stops Lisa Chikarovski from getting back in the horse riding saddle – not even memories of a broken sacrum, coccyx and pelvis.

How did you get into horse riding?
I met my best friend Rachel on the first day of kindergarten and we were both already horse mad. Her family used to take us to Hartley Valley Farm [in NSW] every few weeks for trail horse riding, which eventually led to lessons and, after lots of begging, our parents buying us our own ponies.

Describe your first horse
My first horse was a super pony named Charlie Brown. He ended up being used by a rider in the Sydney Paralympics and they won a gold medal.

How long have you been riding?
I rode fairly consistently when I was a kid but gave it up at 15 because I suddenly found boys interesting. When a man broke my heart 17 years later, I bought a horse. I’ve been horse riding as an adult now for about four years.

Do you compete or ride purely for pleasure?
It’s fair to say that I find competing (and winning) very pleasurable.

Is it easy to prepare for competitions?
I used to struggle with mental preparation. There’s a lot of trust involved with riding a large animal with a mind of its own – and nerves can sometimes get the better of me. When this happens, I try to do complicated things such as transitions or changes in direction in the warm-up ring. It helps me to feel in charge and focuses me and my horse.


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