One piece of advice from John Howard

Former NSW Liberal leader Kerry Chikarovski interviewed recently where she spoke of the advice John Howard gave her in landing her dream job.

The interview is part f Season 1 of the ‘New Investors’ hosted by Yahoo Finance Australia.

“At the age of 34, she made a five-year plan to finally achieve her dream of being a politician. However when John Dowd decided to resign as the local member, only four days before Nick Greiner called the ‘91 election, her five-year plan was about eight months in and not as well advanced as she hoped it to be.

Ahead of the pre-selection she phoned one of her mentors, John Howard, who gave me some very good advice, and that was to focus on what she could bring to the people and the Parliament rather than focus on being a woman.”

Watch the full interview below where Kerry explains in further detail the advice John Howard gave her as she embarked on a political career.